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Revitalize and Rejuvinate

Body wraps are revitalizing and rejuvenating, designed to improve the texture and appearance of skin by removing excess fluid and toxins from the body. This method also firms loose skin and treats the unsightly appearance of cellulite. In addition, body wraps offer a variety of benefits that include detoxification, contouring, skin softening, boosting the lymphatic system and metabolism. De-stress your mind and delight the senses with one of our body treatments.

NEW! Solia Sculpt featuring P.R. Shape Technology

A powerful treatment for those suffering from stubborn fat pockets and the “orange peel” effect of cellulite. At Solia, we begin by gently exfoliating the treatment area. Vacuum massage will then draw the skin up and gently roll it out to soften the appearance of cellulite. Ultra sound body contouring technology creates a heated effect which emulsifies and liquefies the fat which can then be drained by the body’s own filtration system. We finish the treatment with gentle massage and lotion to moisturize.

This treatment is customizable for all body types and is perfect for:
• those living a healthy balanced lifestyle
• struggle with diet and exercise-resistant fat pockets
• are predisposed to cellulite and have not achieved significant results with cosmetic products

Minimum of 10 treatments are recommended. 2 times per week is deal. Results will be visible after 4 treatments.
Introductory $99 , $149 per session, Package of 10 for $1199

Ocean Memory
A sensorial aquatic voyage – The perfect Spa Ritual in 3 steps. 1) Purifying wave-Ocean memory body scrub to exfoliate dehydrated and dry skin. 2) Mineral source, neo-vital massage, relaxing & balancing. 3) Marine rebirth, Tingling algae mousse Body Wrap, which re-mineralizes & strengthens the skin.
90 minutes – $150.00

Detox Algae Body Wrap
A rapid detox treatment. This body wrap features detoxifying seaweed combined with refreshing and stimulating essential oils of Peppermint and Lavender to eliminate excess fluid and relieve tired and heavy legs. After the wrap is removed, a relaxing massage is carried out using oil specially blended for detox.
60 minutes – $125.00

Oxygen Body Wrap
This high-performance treatment tackles cellulite and stubborn, unwanted curves for amazing results! Infuses pure oxygen into the deep skin cells to detoxify the skin and encourage the release and elimination of stored fat. Corrective concentrates packed with active ingredients are applied to target zones to refine and re-sculpt cellulite-prone areas and address lack of firmness. Thalgo Perfect Sculpt Massage is then carried out, using deep and effective movements created to lastingly dislodge cellulite and stubborn unwanted curves, while helping to restore toned skin. The treatment finishes with the application of a cream adapted to each woman’s body type, ensuring an even more effective result.
75 minutes – $115.00

Sea Salt Glow Treatment
This treatment will combine micro-fine salts and seaweed with essential oils and vitamins to give the skin a soft smooth hydrated healthy glow.
45 minutes – $75.00

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